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Rolls-Royce Canada Limited – Naval Marine


461 Windmill Road,
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
Canada B3A 1J9

Organization's Description:

Rolls-Royce Canada Limited – Naval Marine (formerly ODIM Spectrum and ODIM Brooke Ocean) provides hardware, systems engineering and R&D services to the marine science, naval and oil & gas sectors. We are a leader in the design/supply of specialized naval sensor handling and stowage systems, unmanned marine vehicle handling systems, deck machinery, and advanced data collection systems including the Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP).


One of Rolls-Royce Canada Limited – Naval Marine’s primary areas of specialization is in the development of shipboard launch & recovery systems (LARS) to deploy and recover various payloads from a ship at sea. This includes LARS for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). We also has extensive experience with shipboard installations and testing at sea.

Phone: 902 468 2928
Fax: 902 468 1388

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