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Bluefin Robotics


553 South Street
Quincy, MA 02169

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Bluefin Robotics, now part of General Dynamics Mission Systems, develops, builds, and operates Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and related technologies for defense, commercial, and scientific customers worldwide. We offer a full range of modular, free-flooded AUV platforms. Using a core set of building blocks, we have designed over 50 different configurations. This includes over 70 different sensors on over 80 AUVs—far more than any other manufacturer.

Bluefin Robotics - Unmanned Platforms for Subsea Defense

Bluefin Robotics is the leading provider of unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) solutions for US Navy Programs of Record. We offer a full range of UUV platforms as well as ROVs and subsea batteries based on standard modules and configured for custom solutions. Products include the lightweight, rapidly deployable Bluefin-9, the reconfigurable Bluefin-12, and the deep-water Bluefin-21.

Bluefin Robotics is ISO 9001:2008 certified and provides expertise for the full lifecycle of its products including research and development, technology integration, full-scale manufacturing, system training, and operations support. No other provider has our depth and breadth of expertise and resources dedicated exclusively to subsea platform development and production.

Unmanned underwater vehicles
Bluefin Robotics has designed and delivered over 80 unmanned underwater vehicles, many of which address critical defense requirements such as mine countermeasures (MCM), environmental protection and monitoring, port and harbor security, unexploded ordnance (UXO), rapid environmental assessment (REA), and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

Our UUVs are free-flooded, modular systems that can be easily air-shipped and quickly mobilized for rapid response. Field-swappable batteries enable fast turnaround between missions and field-repairable modules allow for greater efficiency at sea, so you optimize data collection time. Bluefin's baseline vehicle designs are customizable to enable increased energy capacity, alternative communication and navigation solutions, new payloads, and multi-mission capability via field-swappable payload sections.

But it is more than just a vehicle. Bluefin has developed a UUV system that encompasses all aspects of UUV operation and data collection. Bluefin provides a comprehensive package including the vehicle, topside and support equipment, spares options, operator software, training and support.

Autonomous ship hull and infrastructure inspection
Developed to meet the rigorous demands of the US Navy, the HAUV-3 is the third-generation two-man portable hovering autonomous underwater vehicle designed for ship hull and infrastructure inspection. As the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Hull Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Localization System (EOD HULS) production system for the US Navy, it is the result of extensive evolution, testing and demonstration.

Equipped with a high-resolution imaging sonar, HAUV-3 surveys ship hulls with minimal prior knowledge so you do less. Surveys are executed autonomously, and by attaching a light, fiber-optic tether you gain real-time data and manual control while maintaining a constant, safe standoff distance. HAUV-3 can achieve 100% coverage of a ship hull; what can it do for you?

UUV development: inventing the state-of-art
Bluefin has been developing and fielding UUV technology for over 15 years. From designing our standard Bluefin vehicles to configuring new power solutions for subsea platforms, we have gained immense experience in everything subsea. Today we are participating in a variety of projects that allow us to propel the state-of-the-art, including:

  • SMCM UUV - Knifefish is a specialized Bluefin-21 UUV System for the mine countermeasures mission package on board littoral combat ships
  • Next generation counter measures - this expendable UUV is a small-diameter vehicle customized specifically for torpedo defense
  • Deep Sea Operations Technology and System Development Program - DSOP is a ground-breaking anti-submarine warfare concept, which leverages Bluefin's deep ocean technologies for persistent presence
  • Undersea docking station - this subsea installation enables Bluefin vehicles to remain submerged for extended periods of time by providing inductive data transfer and battery recharging facilities
  • Proteus - this hybrid swimmer delivery/AUV platform introduces game-changing conops to subsea warfare
  • HAUV-N - an HAUV with a manipulator arm that serves as a mine and improvised explosive device (IED) idenification and neutralization capability for use in joint service explosive ordnance disposal

Subsea Batteries: high energy, air-shippable lithium batteries
Bluefin's subsea batteries are a reliable, proven energy solution for a variety of underwater applications such as in AUVs, ROVs, buoys and other subsea installations. The standard 1.5kWh pack is waterproof, pressure-tolerant, and includes its own smart electronics for self-balancing, monitoring, and safety. If you need more power, simply connect batteries in parallel for a scalable endurance solution.

This battery was originally designed for our own AUVs, so we had operations and logistics in mind. Drop-and-play, blind-mateable connectors allow you to easily swap the pack in minutes at sea without ever opening a pressure vessel. Delivered in a convenient and robust UN-certified case, each Bluefin subsea battery is 31lb of air-shippable power for where and when you need it.

Custom battery designs
Have a unique application? With our robust energy technology, custom battery designs are easily engineered. The units themselves are modular so they can be connected in series for a variety of platforms. In addition, the basic building blocks of the battery - the quanta - are also modular so they can be reconfigured and paired with custom electronics.

The resulting custom battery can be packaged in either pressure-compensated housing or a pressure vessel. Several funded research projects have allowed us to design and develop very high capacity batteries for a number of unique subsea applications. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

We are eager to learn about your subsea challenges and look forward to working with you to provide solutions. Contact us to learn more about our systems and discuss your application with an UUV expert.

Phone: 617 715 7000
Fax: 617 498 0067

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