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For more than a decade the AUV Applications Center (AUVAC) at has provided the international community access to breaking news, manufacturers, service agents, products and specifications focused on AUV systems and technology.

There are currently more than 300+ company listings in the AUVAC directory,
and you are one of them.

For AUVAC to continue to work on your behalf, we need your support. We require a nominal fee of $365 per company per year. That is one dollar a day!

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You will be provided invoicing indicating that AUVAC is a nonprofit, and be able to utilize it as a write-off come tax season.

  • Individualized pages provide specific descriptions of each participating company and its products.
  • Your unique company page, recognizes your organization as a member of the AUV marketplace.
  • Your company related press and papers, published on the website are linked to your company page.
  • Your company events / training sessions, published on the website are linked to your company page.
  • A user searchable database allows access to your vehicles, technologies, sensors and services.
  • The website provides a unique opportunity to advertise to a very targeted AUV market.