Event: 3rd DoD Unmanned Systems Summit

January 14, 2015 - via DSI Group

“Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Current & Near Term Systems”
March 18 - 19, 2015 | Mary M. Gates Learning Center, Alexandria, VA

DSI’s DoD Unmanned Systems Summit is designed as an educational and training “Town Hall” forum, where thought leaders and key policy-makers across military and civilian organizations can come together for actionable discussions and debate. The Summit will offer a full spectrum viewpoint towards air/land/sea systems.

AUV Relevant Topics

Near Term Research from ONR with Unmanned Systems in Support of the Maritime
Battlespace: Update and Priorities for the next 2- 4 years
-Autonomy: including current work towards autonomous situational awareness and hazard avoidance
-Progress and needs in counter-UUV efforts
-Updates on LDUUV, and power sources for unmanned systems
-Interests with micro unmanned systems
-Potential industry opportunities for FY '15-'16
Dr. Lawrence Schuette, SES, Director of Research (Discovery and Invention), ONR (confirmed)

Unmanned Systems for Mine Warfare
-Understanding the current requirements for the fielding of unmanned systems in mine warfare - Viewpoint towards challenges and risks identified with autonomy in an expeditionary environment
Dr. Edward Ebinger, Deputy Mine Warfare Branch, OPNAV N952B (confirmed)

From Tool to Teammate: Advancing Autonomous Capabilities in Unmanned Systems
- Understanding the five fundamental building blocks of autonomy - Update on activities of the RCTA
- Current technical barriers in a deployed environment
Dr. Jonathan Bornstein, Chief, ARL’s Autonomous Systems Division; Manager for the RCTA (invited)

Multi-Disciplinary Autonomy Research for the Navy - Update on multivehicle collaborative systems : autonomous planning and optimization, decision making, perception, navigation, and control
- Current key limiting factors of autonomous systems and what it will take to overcome them
- Understanding how hybrid human/robotic teaming could increase mission efficiency
- Intelligence

External link: http://unmannedsystems.dsigroup.org