RoboSub Competition Winners Equiped with SeaBotix Thrusters

August 13, 2014 - via SeaBotix

SeaBotix, a manufacturer of MiniROV systems, has reported that all the winning teams of the 17th Annual RoboSub Competition were equipped with SeaBotix thrusters.

Organized and supported by the AUVSI Foundation and the Office of Naval Research, the RoboSub Competition is held annually at the SSC Pacific TRANSDEC (SPAWAR acoustic testing facility) in San Diego. The goal is to advance the development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) by challenging a new generation of engineers.

Teams of college and some high school level students around the globe work diligently throughout the year to design and build AUVs. These vehicles are then entered into competition and must perform realistic missions in an underwater environment. This event plays an important part in keeping young engineers excited about careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.







Cornell University’s First Place winner AUV

“SeaBotix is proud to be a sponsor of RoboSub and pleased to discover that all the winning teams were equipped with SeaBotix thrusters,” the company stated. Prior to this event, SeaBotix also assists the teams throughout the year by providing engineering support with thrusters and spare parts as well as answering technical questions in preparation for the competition.

While in San Diego, the team from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay visited the SeaBotix facility for a factory tour and said, “We looked at many and found that SeaBotix thrusters had the best performance and price.”
This is their third year equipping their vehicle with SeaBotix thrusters.

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