Call for Papers: Journal of Instrumentation Automation and Systems

December 22, 2013 - via Journal of Instrumentation Automation and Systems

The field of Instrumentation, Automation and Systems is a fast increasing field of engineering due to the more and more need on automation or autonomous operation of various engineering systems, in particular the recent emerging field of Unmanned Systems. For achieving such a goal of automatic or autonomous operation of systems, sensors, actuators, and controllers as necessary components to form an integrated and functional systems are critical. New development in smart actuators, smart sensors, and new controller hardware and software tools and devices are being developed and available in the market with much shorter period than before. To reflect and document the new design, new concept, new development, new implementation, and new engineering applications,  a high quality journal focusing on Instrumentation, Automation and Systems is established. The JIAS provides new findings and development necessary and important in the field in a timely manner, from different levels of system components, components integration, and entire system development and implementation.
 Call for papers for the first Issue April, 2014:

    •    Online submission of full paper: Jan. 30, 2014
    •    Review due: Feb. 21, 2014
    •    Revision due: March. 15, 2014
    •    Decision of acceptance: March. 28, 2014
    •    Publication date: April, 2014

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