Sonar Breakthrough for Morgan Advanced Materials

November 26, 2013 - via Morgan Advanced Materials

Using an innovative new process, Morgan Advanced Materials can now press, fire and machine blocks and other shapes of components up to a thickness of 45mm.

Resulting in the production of considerably larger components than those previously manufactured at the plant. The larger blocks can also offer a much lower thickness frequency output than their smaller counterparts, resulting in enhanced imagery and range for SONAR at lower depths for 2-2 and 1-3 composite applications.

Manufactured in a wide range of sizes and frequencies to suit customer requirements, the new range is available in machined thicknesses up to 40mm in PZT Navy I and Navy III types, and up to 45mm in PZT Navy II, Navy V and Navy VI types. Larger sizes are available on request, while thickness and frequency variations can also be tailored for in order to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

The new range of blocks will typically be supplied with fired-on silver electrodes as standard to ensure good adhesion for soldering and bonding, and to a thickness which can safeguard durability in high-drive applications.

These components can also be manufactured with evaporated nickel electrodes. When manufacturing into 1 – 3 composites, the blocks can be machined without metallisation.

Richard Carus, product sales manager for Piezo Components at Morgan Advanced Materials, said: “We have a rich heritage in the design and manufacture of PZT ceramics, and as a market leader in the field we continue to push the boundaries of technology. This latest manufacturing-led innovation has seen not only a major breakthrough in manufacturing process capabilities enabling us to manufacture thicker components, but has created a new range of products for our defence and commercial sonar customers. We believe this breakthrough opens the door to further additions to our large components range.”

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