PLOCAN Glider School Completes Sucessfully

July 20, 2013 - via PLOCAN

Students and teaching staff involved, belonging to 24 international technology-based companies (Teledyne Webb, Liquid Robotics, Kongsberg, ACSA, Bluefin Robotics, Exocetus, Seabird, Teledyne RDI, Oceansonics, Contros, Wetlabs, Aanderaa, Idronaut,…)  and 10 institutions (NOC, Rutgers University, Memorial University, University of Cyprus, ANFOG,…) in the field of oceanographic research representing 12 different countries (Brazil, Canada, USA, Finland, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Australia and Norway) have conducted several training sessions, both theoretical and practical in laboratory and open waters, which allowed them to start in some cases and expand in others their knowledge related to underwater gliders technology.

The PLOCAN Glider School is an international initiative that edition by edition consolidates its position as reference training and networking core addressed to a clearly emerging technology sector as it is underwater robotics, and more specifically the one that refers to the autonomous and unmanned vehicles for ocean monitoring as in this case are gliders.

Technological development linked to ocean monitoring through the latest and most innovative technology available, as well as their applications within the different socioeconomic sectors, are part of PLOCAN strategic objectives which include become an international reference as gliderport facility.

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Author:Carlos Barrea