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March 15, 2013 - via Global Oceans

The worldwide need for more peer-reviewed ocean science research is critical. Responding to the impacts of climate change, developing sustainable resource management policies, discovering new biological and mineral resources — all depend on a more extensive science-based understanding of our oceans.

Global Oceans is a nonprofit operations-focused organization, working to expand the scope and extend the reach of ocean research platforms and science assets. By helping to “fill the gap” in accessible platforms and science assets. Global Oceans will contribute to a better understanding of our ocean planet.

Benthic mapping and biological assessments of ecosystems, biodiversity, food webs, microbial communities, marine mammal populations, ocean productivity and deep ocean systems all require extensive scientific study and observations at sea.

The ongoing challenge for ships, laboratories, instrumentation and operational support in remote, open ocean and understudied regions substantially limits the ability to conduct work at sea. Global reach is difficult. International collaboration and expedition logistics are complex and time consuming. Research vessels are scarce.

Working with our commercial partners, Global Oceans utilizes a worldwide base of existing assets — ships, ROV’s and other platforms routinely used for servicing oil and gas operations — and optimizes their configuration and development for oceanographic research.

Containerized laboratories and supporting equipment are shipped to expedition ports for on-deck attachment to chartered offshore supply vessels. Our global network of project management offices are engaged for local logistical support. And project assets are shipped in — from auxiliary transport, storage vans and collection gear to backup generators.

Expedition resources include AUVs, ROVs and submersibles; on-board chemical analytics labs; biological wet labs, microbiological labs; computer/ data feed labs; and support for diving operations.

Working with scientists, academic institutions, government agencies and international organizations, Global Oceans can develop and operate a single expedition or a multiple-mission contract.

Today it is also becoming increasingly critical for scientists to have field access to Arctic and Southern Ocean regions. In response Global Oceans is developing a Polar Regions capability that will facilitate more science operations in these regions as well.

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Author:Jim Costopulos