OceanServer Technology Announces Full Compatibility with SeeByte's SeeTrack Military

February 20, 2013 - via SeeByte

20 February 2013 - SeeByte, the global leader in creating smart software for unmanned maritime systems, and OceanServer Technology, a leading provider of unique product solutions in the fields of sensor technologies and robotics, have today announced the compatibility of the OceanServer Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Iver2, with SeeByte's SeeTrack Military software.
OceanServer Technology has chosen to release their newly developed advanced plug-ins, created for the SeeTrack Military software, so that current users of the Iver2 AUV systems may operate and benefit from SeeByte's smart solutions and additional modules such as seafloor classification, Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) and the Performance Analysis and Training Tool. SeeTrack Military users will now be able to plan and coordinate Iver2 missions with other unmanned vehicles and Diver Handheld Navigation systems, and will still be able to process large amounts of sensor data, including sidescan, imaging sonar and video in one common package.

Jon Crowell, Director of Engineering at OceanServer Technology, commented: "The availability of higher performance sonars from Edgetech and Klein on the Iver platform has spurred interest from our military and commercial survey customers in more sophisticated applications and missions.  The interface between our organic mission planning tool, VectorMap, and SeeTrack Military allows the operator to import vehicle behavior and navigation data, along with raw sonar imagery into SeeByte's analysis tools, and to develop missions in either VectorMap or SeeTrack Military for execution on the Iver platform.  It's a big step forward for both companies and our shared users."

SeeByte's Sales Manager, Ioseba Tena, also commented of the recent news: "We are pleased that OceanServer has chosen to announce the compatibility of the Iver2 AUV with our SeeTrack Military software. AUVs are fast becoming the tool of choice for many sub-sea operations and missions, and we are keen to ensure SeeByte's capabilities are available to all AUV users."

Designed to provide a higher level of awareness, accuracy and confidence, SeeTrack Military has been chosen by fifteen navies world-wide and provides users with the ability to view their operating environment in a single, integrated picture while saving time, money and valuable man-hours on MCM operations. Together with the OceanServer Techonolgy AUVs, users can significantly improve the overall performance of the system and make rapid, well informed decisions.

OceanServer Technology's Iver2, a single man-portable AUV, is the first commercially developed, low cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for coastal applications such as sensor development, general survey work, sub-surface security, research and environmental monitoring.

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