Nortek 2013 Student Equipment Grant Notice

January 10, 2013 - via NortekUSA

NortekUSA is soliciting innovative proposals from graduate students for the 9th Annual NortekUSA equipment loan & travel fund grant.  Students interested in measuring currents, turbulence or waves in the ocean, beach, estuary, lake, river or laboratory are encouraged to apply.

At least two individual awards will be made to outstanding graduate students. 

Awards will include:
    ▪    The requested equipment for a 3-month deployment.
    ▪    $2,000 in travel funds to present project results at a national or international scientific conference.  
    ▪    An invitation to attend the annual NortekUSA Technical Symposium to present scientific results from the project.

Proposals wil be judged on:
    ▪    Scientific merit
    ▪    Innovative spirit
    ▪    Demonstrated need for equipment
    ▪    Ability to obtain quantifiable results in a 3 month experiment
Proposals should be format as a single PDF file and include student’s CV and detailed three page description of intended research plan including scientific hypothesis, analysis methods, Nortek instrument requested, deployment time and location, and detailed plan indicating safe keeping and recovery of instrument.  The proposal portion shall be no longer than 3 pages and the CV no longer than 3 pages (6 pages total maximum).  The PDF filename should be format as: FirstLast_UniversityName.pdf

Proposals and inquires should be directed to
All proposals are due by midnight 1 February 2013, and the awards will be announced on the NortekUSA website in March 2013.

Award Details:
Student must acknowledge NortekUSA in any presentation and publication resulting from data collected with the Nortek equipment. Data collected with Nortek equipment will be shared with NortekUSA for development and marketing purposes.  A 5-page extended abstract highlighting the experiment, analysis, and results will be submitted before attending the conference.

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