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August 24, 2012 - via AUVAC

The AUVAC website is now available for advertising your products and services:

For the past three years we have attempted to provide the AUV development and user community with streamlined information of value to you and your organization. This has been accomplished with a very small team of people who are committed to providing value to the AUV community and those who share an interest in the research, operations and ongoing development activities. The response has been very rewarding with more people accessing the website each month.

Every month more new viewers take part all over the globe to learn, research and stay in the know of what is happening in this ever changing industry. Just this past month over 90 countries have visited the AUVAC site and over 10,000 pages were viewed by interested people from around the world.We have also had a number of people offer new ideas of the types of information and services that would provide even greater benefit to all.

After many discussions it has been decided that in order to continue to provide timely information and support and to add more of the services people are asking for, we must request support from the community. In return for that support, we will provide an opportunity for you to advertise your company or your products in a variety of ways as 
described in the media kit you will find on this website.  This is an important step for us as the future of the website will be determined by you, the users.  Your support is needed.  Please take a look at the opportunities for supporting the AUVAC website as well as getting your message out to a growing AUV marketplace.  Remember, over 13,000 pages were viewed last month and the volume of users has increased every month for the past two years.

Please consider how AUVAC can help your organization broadcast ideas, products and services to researchers, technologist and users interested in AUV technology around the globe. For more info contact or email me directly at We currently have excellent discounts and opportunities for those of you who respond by the end of September.

Thanks again for your interest in AUV systems, technologies and applications.

D. Richard Blidberg
Director AUVAC


AUVAC offers several ways for you to increase visibility within the AUV community. Each of our packages has been designed with a specific purpose and specific user- base in mind, and all are tailored to help you gain the most visibility to those you want to reach.

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Author:D Richard Blidberg