Technoloy Course Offered: Fundamentals of Active & Passive Sonar

July 16, 2012 - via ATI Courses

Fundamentals of Active & Passive Sonar

This four-day course is designed for SONAR systems engineers, combat systems engineers, undersea warfare professionals, and managers who wish to enhance their understanding of passive and active SONAR or become familiar with the "big picture" if they work outside of either discipline. Each topic is presented by instructors with substantial experience at sea. Presentations are illustrated by worked numerical examples using simulated or experimental data describing actual undersea acoustic situations and geometries. Visualization of transmitted waveforms, target interactions, and detector responses is emphasized.

This course is taught by the industry experts Dr. Harold "Bud" Vincent and Dr. Duncan Sheldon

You Will Learn

The differences between various types of SONAR used on Naval platforms today.
The fundamental principles governing these systems’ operation.
How these systems’ data are used to conduct passive and active operations.
How to avoid previous mistakes revealed when systems were taken to sea.
Signal acquisition and target motion analysis for passive systems.
Waveform and receiver design for active systems.
The major cost drivers for undersea acoustic systems.

August 13-16, 2012 (Newport, RI)

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