G-880AUV Integration with Teledyne Gavia AUV

July 6, 2012 - via Geometrics

Weston Solutions, The University of Delaware and Geometrics recently participated in an ESTCP funded project to install and operate a magnetometer in a Teledyne Gavia AUV to locate underwater UXOs. Teledyne Gavia produced a custom Gavia Module with a flooded section to mount a G-880AUV sensor and a pressure vessel to mount G-880AUV electronics. Geometrics modified a G-880AUV magnetometer to operate from battery power with voltage ranging from +20 VDC to +35 VDC, which was installed along with an Applied Physics model 539 fluxgate magnetometer to measure platform motion. Teledyne Gavia provided custom crew members to record data from the G-880AUV and model 539. The University of Delaware operated the Gavia and, working with Weston Solutions, devised a survey pattern optimized for UXO surveys and compatible with Gavia mission planning.

Gavia AUV

G-880AUV Magnetometer
Two surveys were conducted near St Petersburg, Florida, to detectUXOs in one area with known targets and a second area with unknown targets. We were able to successfully detect targets larger than 80 mm projectiles with this system after MagComp magnetic compensation was performed on the survey data. New MagComp software features were developed for this project to include compensation for electrical current and user selection of specific terms to use for survey operations. Displays of uncompensated and compensated data from one of the surveys is shown below:

Results of magnetic compensation (left side uncompensated – right side compensated) using Geometrics’ MagCompII post acquisition compensation software

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