Amelia Earhart Search: July 6

July 6, 2012 - via TIGHAR

Dateline: At sea, July 6, 2012

Actual position at 2200 EDT, 12°4′ N 163°58′ W making a 9.2 knots. Weather is good with a typical scattered deck of cumulus clouds at est. 1,500 feet. Seas are eight to ten foot swells.

Today there will be a holding position exercise to give everyone a feel for how accurately the ship can stay in one place. This will be a general idea, of course; the exact conditions that may exist at any moment at the island will necessarily be different from the conditions in the open sea. Still, even a general indication will help the ROV technicians fine-tune their plan, since they will be “live-boating” the ROV: swimming the equipment from a ship that does not have the technology to hold an exact station based on GPS positioning. It shouldn’t be a problem, but they are looking for data points to improve the programming.

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