ARPA-E innovators push clean energy

March 10, 2012 - via CNET

At the Arpa-E summit in Washington DC, companies presented a variety of energy research projects, from lithium water batteries to flying wings and solar concentrators

At the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Washington DC in February, start-ups and research organisations showed off the latest inventions in the multiple paths to cleaner energy.

PolyPlus Technology is developing lithium air and lithium water batteries that promise a big jump in the storage capacity of lithium ion batteries. The company has developed a material that will allow batteries to operate using the dissolved oxygen in water or the air, which its says is key to making energy-dense lithium air batteries viable.

The company's plan is to start making lithium water batteries for underwater uses, such as robots, in two years. Then it intends to make a lithium air battery one year later, and perhaps three to five years from now, a rechargeable lithium air battery.

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Author:Martin LaMonica