Double-hulled Sabertooth AUV/ROV

February 15, 2012 - via SAAB

The double-hulled version of the SAAB Seaeye Sabertooth offers twice the operational duration of the single-hulled Sabertooth launched last year. The Sabertooth concept combines the technologies of both AUV and ROV into a single unified resource. The result is a vehicle with the range and manoeuvrability of an AUV and the tooling capability of a light-work ROV.

Three operational modes are possible: autonomous roaming, attached fibre-optic cable, and umbilical for power and communications.
With a typical duration of more than 14 hours and depth rated option to 3,000 metres, it can embark on either long-range programmable missions or under operator control around set targets, with obstacle avoidance and precise manoeuvrability, including working down deep tunnels or inside complex structures where its 360-degree manoeuvrability allows it to orientate into any position, even directly up or down.
And in places where access is seasonally restricted, it can remain underwater for up to a year at an isolated location ready to be deployed as needed. Tooling packs can be stored at its docking station,batteries can be re-charged, data and video downloaded and fresh instructions uploaded.

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