EdgeTech Introduces New 2205 Sonar System for UUV's

February 9, 2012 - via EdgeTech

EdgeTech is excited to introduce a new sonar solution specifically designed for AUV’s, ROV’s, USV’s and other hosted platforms. The new 2205 Series is the latest generation of electronics, transducers and software specifically optimized for the demanding size, power and cost constraints present in hosted platform systems. With hundreds of sonar systems installed on numerous AUV, ROV and USV platforms around the world, EdgeTech has incorporated years of experience in this latest generation of OEM components. The new system runs the full range of EdgeTech side scan sonar frequencies from 100 kHz to 1600 kHz, sub-bottom profiler frequencies from 500 Hz to 24 kHz and swath bathymetry at 230 kHz or 540 kHz, making it the most versatile sonar imaging solution on the market focused on the underwater vehicle group. Additionally, the new 2205 is available with EdgeTech’s unique Dynamic Focusing (DF) and Multi-Pulse (MP) technologies. EdgeTech is also excited to introduce new Powered Arrays designed to provide better ranges and noise immunity.

External link: http://www.edgetech.com/edgetech/news-events/post/edgetech-introduces-new-2205-sonar-system-for-uuv-s

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