China Underwater Glider Sea Trials

August 4, 2011 - via Xinhua News Agency

China has independently developed an underwater glider dive operation

According to the Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao

Carrying experimental study of the Western Pacific to share scientific expedition voyage 'Science One' research vessel on the 4th morning return to Qingdao port terminals. Our scientists in the research activities in the back and arm the 6100-meter-deep potential standard for the study of the western Pacific subsurface ocean circulation and its impact on global climate and laid a foundation.

According to reports, the successful implementation of this expedition in China independently developed sea underwater glider pilot experiment, to obtain valuable scientific data on the experiment, by the Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences developed the underwater glider in the Western Pacific more than 4000 meters water depth repeatedly at the dive, the indicators showed normal glider successfully recovered after the experiment( The success of the experiment in the western countries on China's technical underwater glider block about to be completely broken.

The marine scientific investigation lasted 31 days, range over 7000 sea miles. Expedition team in Taiwan Island - Philippine Islands - Kazakhstan Meguro pull Island west of 135 ° E to the east of the North Pacific low-latitude western boundary current waters carried out the hydrological , meteorology, chemistry, biology, geology and marine instruments multidisciplinary observation and experiment, eight sections to complete a total of 56 stations of comprehensive marine survey mission, expected to complete all research objectives.

The voyage's chief scientist, researcher, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy Yuandong Liang told reporters that this voyage to recover the 'science One' laying on a voyage of two deep-sea submersible standard, one is 6100 meters, is the Chinese scientists in the Western Pacific put in the depth of the maximum potential standard, and in situ deployment of a new 6,000-meter mark of the potential, in other waters more than 3,000 meters deployed two potential landmark.

Institute of Oceanology Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Hu Dunxin said: 'Last November, the 'science One' in the western Pacific Ocean put the 6000-meter-deep potential standard, and received by acoustic means 16 days of the Mindanao undercurrent velocity data, flow rate than large about 40 cm per second, this time back to carry the standard potential of Mindanao undercurrent data for seven months, including flow rate, near the waters of salinity, temperature and depth, and to study the Mindanao undercurrent circulation for a long time variation of the upper Mindanao foundation. '

In addition, researchers in this voyage in the Western Pacific waters deeper than 3,000 meters three times using the device grab deep seabed mining borrow soil, were a success.

In the return voyage, the expedition team in close communication with the base of researchers via satellite altimeter data found in the southeast of Taiwan on the 22 ° N section exist side by side cold, warm two very significant mesoscale vortex(Technology News To seize the little vertical death of marine phenomenon, or scientific research team in time for the approaching typhoon, before turning east to use the time the typhoon air when successful in the waters east of Taiwan to capture 22 ° N section of the observed vortex pair, get the temperature, salinity, water depth, flow, dissolved oxygen and other research-scale vortex structure in the Kuroshio region variability of valuable information, and made a series of biogeochemical data.

Underwater glider
Underwater glider is a novel underwater robot, is the international research focus because of its use of net buoyancy and attitude angle adjustment to obtain propulsion, energy consumption is extremely small, only the adjustment of net buoyancy and consumes a small amount of attitude angle energy and high efficiency, life force (up to thousands of kilometers) characteristics, although the underwater glider navigation is slow, but its low manufacturing costs and maintenance costs, reusable, and put a lot of characteristics, to meet the a long, large-scale ocean exploration needs. In addition, the underwater glider glider when the noise is very low because no propulsion, this important feature makes it in the military also has great application value can be remote from the submarine delivery, to complete the specific purpose, and are not easily found, however, due to a simple way of using the buoyancy-driven underwater glider in the water can only do zigzag and spiral trajectories turn navigation, the lower track control and positioning accuracy, speed slow, compared with the storm large surface drift may occur the case.

The development of underwater gliders in a foreign country is very fast. Domestic research on underwater glider started late, there are currently three research institutes to study it, namely CAS Shenyang Institute of Automation, Tianjin University, Robotics and Automotive Technology and Research by and Zhejiang University.


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