MARSLIFE found in Clinton area lakes

July 20, 2011 - via 100 Mile Free Press

After three DeepWorker (submersible vessel) seasons at Pavilion Lake, the MARSLIFE project is moving to Kelly Lake, just west of Clinton.

According to its website, both Pavilion and Kelly lakes have microbialites (ancient microorganism deposits in sediment at the bottom of the lakes) with similar shapes.

The MARSLIFE Analogue Research Project was lowered into Kelly Lake on July 15.  With the use of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) researchers will conduct high-resolution geoacoustic mapping of the MARSLIFE field site in the lake.

This time anyone with an Internet connection will be able to contribute directly to the scientific outcome of the project.
By signing up to become a member of the Remote Science Team through MAPPER, a new web-based interface for exploring the lake bottom, people can work with project scientists to categorize and map the quantity, distribution and types of various features found in the lake.

Generating this type of “feature map” for Pavilion and Kelly lakes is important since it can help scientists figure out where life may have once existed on Mars and in other parts of the solar system.

The idea behind MAPPER is that if a lot of people contribute just a little bit of time to tagging the photos the job will be completed much faster. It is also a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in the Research Project, science or space exploration to be directly involved in the outcome of the project.

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Author:Susan Swan