OpenJAUS Releases Next-Gen Standard

June 22, 2011 - via OpenJAUS

OpenJAUS, LLC announced that their latest robotics software development kit, OpenJAUS 4.0, has been publicly released. Their new software library implements the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) as developed by SAE’s unmanned systems committee (AS-4). This powerful library provides companies and software developers with a way to use JAUS in their products without needing to know the low-level details of the standards.

A major focus of the unmanned systems community is to establish systems that can operate together in a plug-and-play fashion. Government agencies are very interested in procuring systems from different vendors and having them work together out-of-the-box. JAUS and other standards are helping to reach this goal by defining common services that these systems can support. OpenJAUS has implemented the new JAUS services in software libraries that will help developers use the standard.

The new OpenJAUS implementation offers a number of distinct improvements over its previous versions. Most importantly, the software has been restructured to support the new JAUS standards as they are written under SAE. This represents a significant difference from the old JAUS reference architecture, because the new standard is a formal Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The OpenJAUS code has been recast into a new form that reflects that. Some new features also enhance or extend existing JAUS capabilities. For example, developers will be able to combine standard services together into a single application, and OpenJAUS software can communicate directly over the internet, which can drastically reduce integration testing costs.

The OpenJAUS 4.0 code is being released under a dual license. Use of OpenJAUS for commercial or government projects requires purchase of a commercial license. Non-commercial use of the software will remain free and be distributed under a separate license. The code will remain open for both commercial and public versions so developers can see what is running on their systems.

OpenJAUS, LLC is a newly formed robotics company that develops standards-based software to enable interoperability of unmanned systems. Many organizations use OpenJAUS software on their projects to support JAUS while saving hundreds of development hours in the process. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the OpenJAUS website to learn more. For further information please contact

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