AUVAC is an organization that exists as a result of its members. AUVAC is a program that seeks to involve organizations in a collaboration that provides added value to its members both in terms of access to unique equipment and facilities, as well as access to information sharing and professional networking opportunities. Membership in the AUVAC is open to all organizations and individuals. During the first year, AUVAC will invite interested organizations to join, on a no-cost basis with the understanding that these invited members will participate in the development of AUVAC. Members will participate in defining the programmatic objectives of AUVAC. Members will commit to sharing resources and information as appropriate to advance the overall goals and objectives of the AUVAC. These goals and objectives have been defined to support and encourage the utilization of AUV systems for current and future applications of this emerging technology.

The first year efforts will further define the benefits and obligations of AUVAC membership (see the “benefits page on this website to understand the initial thoughts related to membership benefits). This definition will result from interaction and discussion among those organizations choosing to join the membership program. These efforts will help bring about a spectrum of membership benefits that will provide added value to all members of the AUVAC. An initial workshop identified a number of benefits that the participants considered to be valuable to them and their organizations. Building on these initial results we have further defined membership benefits that provide added value to the AUVAC membership. During this first year of AUVAC, this definition may change based on input from those who choose to become part of AUVAC. If you have interest in the Center and its activities, please download and complete the membership application.