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Life Cycle Management and Engineering Services as Requested: AUVAC, thru its associates can perform Life Cycle Management and Engineering Services if requested by the users. Life Cycle Management and Engineering Services involves the coordination of the following functions for the life of the vehicle system(s):

  • Financial Management – Budget inputs/recommendations and recommendation for the management of program finances
  • Material turn-in technical support – Spares & Manage Material Inventory
  • Platform interface and integration – Coordinate the resolution of platform interface and integration issues
  • Safety – Review personnel and vehicle safety issues and recommend solutions
  • Configuration Control – Ensure standardization among multiple platforms
  • Technical documentation – Maintain system technical documentation
  • AUV Maintenance Facility – Provide Technical Assistance for maintenance activity
  • Performance measurement and assessment – Monitor system performance, maintain reliability and availability metrics and recommend solutions to resolve issues
  • External Support/Engineering Services – Coordination of planning and tasking Life Cycle maintenance efforts performed by other activities

It includes a number of different activities such as the examples that follow.

Planning activities such as: Defining the parameters of the mission, establishing performance requirements, selecting a vehicle and sensor suite, modeling and simulating vehicle capabilities, providing budget inputs and recommendations, program finance management

Pre-mission activities such as: Integration of sensors with vehicle, field tests to verify vehicle performance, operations planning and other similar activities

Operational activities such as: Logistics planning and execution, deployment and survey, support and other similar activities

Post-mission activities such as: Vehicle recovery, data analysis, data product development, post-mission assessment, vehicle maintenance

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