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AUVAC is a “virtual” enterprise that exploits the advantages of today’s telecommunication infrastructure and information management technology. The Center can bring together the resources to provide the national and international ocean community with a range and depth of capabilities not available, nor cost effective, from a single source. Its structure is flexible with the ability to provide only the services required by the community. AUVAC is able to accomplish this through its center members/associates and their relationships with other synergistic partners. It also provides greater reach by acting as a technology repository that is international in scope and dedicated to the single theme of AUV system and subsystem research, development, and operations. The associated pages are works in progress that will become resources for the broad community in dealing with some of the more pragmatic issues associated with developing and operating AUV systems.

If you or your organization have capabilities, information or other resources that you would like to make available to the community through AUVAC, please let us know and send an email describing them to [email protected]. If you wish, we will credit you for your submission or not; whichever you desire. Thanks for your help and support.

AUVAC can assist in all stages of AUV missions.


  • Defining the parameters of the mission
  • Establishing performance requirements
  • Selecting a vehicle and sensor suite
  • Modeling and simulating vehicle capabilities
  • Providing budget inputs and recommendations
  • Program finance management


  • Integration of sensors with vehicle
  • Field tests to verify vehicle performance
  • Operations planning


  • Logistics planning and execution
  • Deployment and survey
  • Support


  • Vehicle recovery
  • Data analysis
  • Data product development
  • Post-mission assessment
  • Vehicle maintenance