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Cathx Blue Line – Subsea Long Range Laser


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Blue Line – Subsea Long Range Laser

Subsea Long Range Laser

The Blue Line laser is a 450nm line laser used for subsea camera & machine vision tasks. It produces a straight line with uniform intensity over a long range due to its optimal wavelength for water penetration. The laser supplies key measurement and range information to Cathx Ocean cameras enabling these cameras to perform range based auto focus and machine vision tasks such as 3D profiling, pipeline tracking and automatic object scaling.

Key Benefits

  • 450nm for Optimized Water Penetration
  • Provides Range & Scale Information to Cathx Ocean Cameras
  • Enhances Auto-Focus Capabilities in Poor Contrast Conditions
  • Enables Auto-Measurement, Navigation and Pipetracking on Cathx Ocean Cameras


  • 450nm wavelength, long range in water
  • Uniform intensity distribution along projected line
  • 45° Fan Angle
  • Strobe Capability (1Hz to 1KHz)
  • Housed in high quality 6AL4V Titanium
  • Lightweight at 180g
  • Depth ratings up to 6,500m, tested to 10,000m
  • Has the ability to be controlled by & synchronized with Cathx Ocean cameras
  • Provides range & scale information to Cathx Ocean Cameras

More Information: http://www.cathxocean.com/products/lasers/blue-line-subsea-long-range-laser/#t5