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Cathx AUV Integrated Imaging System


Cathx Ocean Limited

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Co Kildare, Ireland

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AUV Integrated Imaging Systems

Cathx Ocean offers an AUV integrated imaging solution including the M-12 camera, the APHOS range of LED lights, and the Blue Line laser  for deployment on a new or existing AUVs.  This solution delivers a number of key benefits to increase operational efficiencies of the AUV during a subsea deployment. This AUV integrated system is a self contained solution with the camera acting as the control centre managing lighting, image processing & storage thus simplifying integration on a typical AUV. This configuration provides superior quality imaging through real time image correction and optimization and advanced lighting control. This integrated solution can perform sequential imaging enabling the capture of range and measurement data through the use of the APHOS Blueline laser.

The main features of this integrated solution are outline below.

  • High resolution stills up to 12.5MP
  • HD Video compressed and stored at H.264 MPEG-4
  • Greater than 90% reduction in lighting power consumption is achievable
  • Image profile customization available to match mission requirements
  • Internal on Camera Storage or Direct Transfer to External NAS
  • Real-time, Low Bandwidth Ethernet Transfer of High Resolution Images
  • Range based auto focus
  • High dynamic range imaging modes (no blooming)

The Cathx Ocean advanced suite of machine vision for automated measurement & inspection applications, including object & leak detection, pipe tracking and navigation, can be delivered on this platform.

More Information: http://www.cathxocean.com/integrated-solutions/auv-integrated-camera-lighting-systems/