euRathlon 2014

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September 29, 2014 - October 3, 2014
CMRE, La Spezia, Italy


euRathlon is a new outdoor robotics competition that invites teams to test the intelligence and autonomy of their robots in challenging scenarios. The scenarios for the euRathlon 2014 sea competition are focused on the aspects that will characterize the euRathlon 2015 Grand Challenge. The euRathlon 2015 Grand Challenge will require intervention tasks inspired by a Fukushima-like disaster, because of that possible related scenarios have been identified and proposed for the 2014 sea competition. In this way, the teams participating can use the 2014 sea competition as a valid benchmark to design and test solutions for the final euRathlon Grand Challenge. Five different tasks will be proposed to the teams, specifically “Long range autonomous underwater navigation”, “Environmental survey of the accident area”, “Leak localisation and structure inspection”, “Interaction with underwater structures” and “Combined scenario”.

In the scenarios it is suggested to compete by using an AUV. A USV can be used to support and to help AUV operations. However, there are scenarios in which a team can compete by using only a USV.

SAUC-E 2014 and euRathlon
Student Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge – Europe (SAUC-E) 2014 will be held at the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), the same location of euRathlon 2014 one week before (from September 20 to September 26, 2014). SAUC-E and euRathlon are two separate events but will be organized back-to-back in

SAUC-E is the competition which welcomes new participants (up to the number which is the physical limit for the CMRE area) while euRathlon seeks multi-robotic domain teams for 2015 and will most likely be more selective in proposing more challenging tasks.

We warmly encourage the participation of teams to both the events. Furthermore, we will give the possibility during the period of SAUC-E 2014 for interested teams to practice for some euRathlon tasks. For this, we will provide teams with access to dedicated areas and the possibility to interact with some objects used for the euRathlon

euRathlon 2014
Competition date: September 29- October 3, 2014
Competition venue: Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation
(CMRE), Viale San Bartolomeo 400 19126, La Spezia, Italy.

euRathlon 2014 winners
The awards ceremony took place at the NATO’s Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation.
The Director of CMRE, Hank Ort (RADM), gave the certificates and prizes to the winners:
    •    Scenario: Long range autonomous underwater navigation.
    •    1st prize University of Girona, 2nd SAUC’ISSE
    •    Scenario: Leak localisation and structure inspection
    •    1st prize University of Girona, 2nd Avalon, 3rd SAUC’ISSE and 4th CISSAU
    •    Scenario: Underwater manipulation
    •    1st prize University of Girona, 2nd Avalon, 3rd CISSAU
    •    Scenario: Environmental survey
    •    1st prize Avalon, shared 2nd SAUC’ISSE / University of Girona, 4th CISSAU
    •    Scenario: Combined scenario
    •    1st prize University of Girona, 2nd SAUC’ISSE, 3rd Avalon and 4th CISSAU

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