The UJI Successfully Tested An Autonomous Robot For Underwater Intervention Tasks

March 16, 2011 - via Smashingrobots

Reconfigurable AUV for intervention coordinated by Pedro Sanz, a professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence UJI, successfully tested the robot’s autonomy for underwater intervention tasks, achieve the recovery of a object similar to an aircraft black box without the address of any operator.

The test was performed last week at the University of Girona in a pool suitable for experimentation in underwater robotics. During the test, researchers also tested the performance of the three parties that form part of the experiment: the robotic arm, which perfects the UJI; the vehicle, which works at the University of Girona, and computer vision techniques, which developed by the Universitat de les Illes Balears.

In the first part of the experiment, the robot survey the area using computer vision techniques and mapped. Then the robot has the task to recovered the object (black box), and the vehicle with the robotic arm plunged again sought the object with the characteristics described above, caught him and pulled him to the surface.

The research group Interaction and Robotics Systems (IRS Lab) obtained the first results of manipulation under the water just two weeks ago. The arm used has four joints, two at the shoulder, one in the elbow and the fourth in the wrist, and the opening of the hand like a claw, but with a T-shaped slots that allow certain anchor tools to pick up objects or anchor cables.

Achieving such a project would reduce the economic efforts and resources inherent in submarine operations.

At present, the first application seeking more than 40 researchers and research involved, is the recovery of black boxes with this system of autonomous action, but some potential application scenarios that could benefit from this project would achieve certain tasks associated with marine biology, performing routine practices such as taking samples (eg rock, water or sand), at permanent observatories in lifesaving, health care tasks to the diving equipment such as lighting in a particular area or assistance in the use of some type of tool.

The Universitat de Girona is responsible for generating the navigation systems and mechatronics underwater vehicle where the robot is docked. Universitat de les Illes Balears is responsible for assisting in planning and guiding the movements necessary to achieve autonomous robot navigation, using advanced computer vision.

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