Underwater Laser Scanner now runs on Linux

July 29, 2010 - via 2G Robotics

2G Robotics has developed a set of libraries and a user interface for the Linux operating system. Now when performing high detailed underwater inspections of bridges, dams and other underwater infrastructure users have a choice of operating platform.

AUV Integration
The high precision measurement capability of the laser scanner makes it an ideal sensor for use with autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). As the use of AUVs for close range and high detail inspection increases, the benefits of using sonar for navigation and mapping diminish. Sonar is excellent for measuring over long distances particularity in high turbidity (murky) water. However, since the acoustic pulse diverges as it travels through the water, it is not capable of the resolution that laser scanning can achieve. In addition, the speed of sound in water is far slower than that of light. The ULS-100 captures over a thousand measurements per second. This high update rate increases the localization confidence level meaning that the position of the vehicle can be determined with less error.

The Linux libraries can be integrated with an AUV system allowing robotic vehicles to communicate directly with the sensor for localization and mapping.

Third Party Software Integration
Custom ROV systems that integrate the laser scanner can now have imbedded control of the sensor through a custom application. It is important for major inspection systems that incorporate a wide range of inspection tools to have an integrated data collection approach. By using an integrated approach, correlations between the data collected from each sensor can be determined. The libraries that have been developed allows 2G Robotics to more easily create this integrated solution for our customers or for our customers to create this integrated solution for themselves.

External link: http://www.2grobotics.com/underwater-laser-scanner-now-runs-on-linux/

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