PAMBuoy™ first deployment on Liquid Robotics Wave Glider

March 14, 2013 - via PAMBuoy

Marine Instrumentation Limited(MIL) in conjunction with NOC Liverpool(NOCL), Marine Revolution and Liquid Robotics have completed the first successful PAMBuoy™ on water trials.

PAMBuoy™ and the NOCL glider completed a diamond shaped course. Throughout this time PAMBuoy™ sent telemetry to Liquid Robotics, which included summary information from its detectors running on-board.

Commands can be sent to the PAMBuoy™ waveglider payload as well as receiving telemetry back from the unit using the Wave Glider Management System via Iridium satellite link. Loch Ness provides a perfect controlled test site, allowing both teams to concentrate on systems integration prior to rigorous sea trials later this year.

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