CSIRO are looking for their yellow submarine

February 12, 2013 - via Mackay Daily Mercury

THE CSIRO might be ranked in the top one per cent of world scientific institutions, but they are still trying to work out how their 'yellow submarine' disappeared off the radar near Queensland's Moreton Island.

The Starbug that resembles a small yellow submarine measures 2 x 1.5 metres and the CSIRO are hoping it will wash ashore. "We're hoping it may wash ashore or turn up in a fisherman's net," A CSIRO spokesperson said.

"The Starbug had completed its mission and shut down, but before it could be hooked up to the recovery vessel something went wrong and it suddenly dived out of sight. "It was last seen at Amity Banks in Moreton Bay," the spokesperson said.

If you find 'the yellow submarine, yellow submarine' you can contact the CSIRO on 1300 363 400.

External link: http://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/csiro-are-looking-their-yellow-submarine/1752492/

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