July 1, 2012 - via Exocetus

Anchorage, AK, USA - The CEO of Exocetus Development LLC, Dr. Joe Imlach, announced that they have entered into a purchase agreement to acquire the assets, intellectual property [2 patents and 1 pending] and technology for the Littoral Glider from ANT [formerly Alaska Native Technologies LLC]. These gliders were developed under funding from the Office of Naval Research during a 6-year period. Eighteen of these gliders were delivered to the US Navy during this period to be used as demonstration units for potential US customers — both military and research institutions. To date, this glider model has more than 4,500 hours of at-sea operation.

The Exocetus [x-o-seat-us is the name of a flying fish] glider has been renamed the Exocetus Coastal Glider and will be manufactured in the Exocetus facility at 1444 East 9th Ave, Anchorage, AK, 99501, USA. The initial primary market for these Exocetus Coastal Gliders are coastal regions where conditions of hypoxia are prevalent during the warm months of the year. There are more than 200 regions of eutrophication and hypoxia throughout the coastal areas of the world. Another near-term market for the Exocetus Coastal Gliderwill be for research institutes studying ocean acidification.

Dr. Imlach also announced that KRK Consultants, Ltd. of San Diego, CA will be responsible for world-wide sales of the Exocetus Coastal Gliders. Mr. Ray Mahr, President of KRK, has established a network of International agents to market and sell Exocetus Coastal Glidersin countries where agents are now well established. Agents have been signed in Japan, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Central America, and India. New agents are being sought in Canada, China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South America, Australia, France, Scandinavia, Russia, and the Mediterranean Sea area.

Dr. Imlach was previously the Chief Mechanical Engineer of ANT and has more than 25 years of experience in conducting R&D programs for both the federal and private sector. Mr. Mahr has been developing, manufacturing and selling oceanographic instrumentation for the past 25 years. His prior experience includes many years of working directly for Navy R&D laboratories and as an outside consultant for these labs.

For further information contact:
Joe Imlach, CEO and CTO
Exocetus Development LLC
1444 East 9th Ave, Anchorage, AK, 99501, USA
Email: joe@exocetus.com
Web: www.exocetus.com

Ray Mahr, PE
KRK Consultants, Ltd.
4509 Chateau Dr., San Diego, CA, 92117, USA
Email: ray@exocetus.com
Web: www.krkconsultants.net

External link: http://exocetus.com/news/

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Author:Ray Mahr

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