Princeton Security Technologies Continues Strong Performance in August With Sales of Radiation Isotope Identifiers Leading the Way

September 25, 2011 - via Princeton Securities

Princeton Security Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: PSGY), a leading developer of Gamma-ray and X-ray Detectors and Spectroscopy systems, serving a broad customer base in homeland security, scientific research, industrial materials analysis, completes August with a strong growth trend increasing sales backorders to exceed $1.6M.

Over half of the company's revenue is accrued through steady sales in Radiation Isotope Identifiers (RIID). Other recent benchmarks that drove business include the completion of a custom radiation detection package for iRobot(TM) UUV, and production of the first commercially available dual scintillator radiation monitoring package capable of detecting both gamma and neutron radiation energy. The majority of the current orders are on schedule to ship in Q3 and into Q4 FY11.

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