Some of the more productive research efforts have resulted from collaboration among and between various organizations either through formalized consortiums or loosely structured cooperative programs involving various public, commercial, or governmental organizations. AUVAC feels it is important to make the community aware of these activities. Over the next few months, AUVAC staff will seek to identify some of those activities and include them on this website. If you are involved in such collaboration, please let us know and we can work with you to present your activities to a broad international community in a manner that is most appropriate for your programmatic objectives.

Coming Soon:

A listing of member capabilities and other resources that provide the products that your program requires to document and display the information resulting from at sea operations using AUV systems

  • Collaborative workspace
  • Proposal development
  • Chat area
  • Ask questions of community
  • List of researchers and their field of expertise and their coordinates / contact info
  • Application / Missions
  • Advertise ongoing activities
  • Links to Blogs
  • Forum for discussions of results
  • addresses to contact principles
  • Space for potential users to describe their application / needs