Benefits of AUVAC Membership

Access to Unique Capabilities:

Members have access to formal arrangements and contracting vehicles between various federal organizations allowing AUVAC members to gain access to unique facilities and capabilities. The AUVAC website provides tools and simulation facilities to its users. The facilities, and accompanying training programs, are a valuable resource to both organizations and individuals. AU VAC will focus on training and other programs directed at quantifying the capability of AUV systems and technology. Members who qualify through AUVAC training programs and deploy AUVAC-inspected platforms have an opportunity to reduce their insurance costs and limit their liability exposure.

We have the contacts and the facilities to bring together just the right team of people to generate ideas and solution paths for your toughest and most critical problems – both the technical and the business components. We can provide the legal connections to help you properly protect the IP generated at these meetings.

Education / Outreach (Seminars and e-Learning):

These programs include multi-day Symposia such as the bi-annual UUST Symposia to one-day seminars on specialized topics, or members-only access to a number of online resources (information, newsletter, and e-Learning events on current topics). Online forums also allow members to share ideas and experience with other engineers from every specialty. A planned newsletter will provide articles which are of general as well as specific interest to the AUV research, development, operations and user community.

A database has been developed that contains information about ongoing research and the people and organizations that are undertaking that research. It provides information that supports the user community in understanding what is happening and what is being planned with regards to AUV operations. The AUVAC website is updated routinely to provide members with grant and contract opportunities relating to AUV systems, technology and operations either with onsite postings or with links to other sites with existing information resources.

Collaboration and Networking Opportunities:

Technical Interest Groups allow members an opportunity to share ideas and network with colleagues within areas of interest. AUVAC provides online forums and resources to support member-driven exchanges of ideas, resources and information. AUVAC also organizes special focus workshops to help answer questions on issues of interest to smaller, more focused groups of people or organizations.

A number of workshops provide the opportunity to for interaction between users and developers and policy makers to discuss timely issues related to AUV technology and systems. These activities are designed to provide business networking opportunities for AUVAC members. A unique opportunity exists in the “live action”, e-luncheons being considered. In this format, monthly “luncheons” will be organized that will focus on topics of interest. These video conferences will allow individuals to participate while sitting in their offices.

Business Opportunities:

AUVAC exists because of its members’ capabilities and interests. To accomplish this, AUVAC establishes mechanisms and contractual arrangements that encourage teaming necessary to accomplish program objectives in an efficient manner. Membership can offer access to SB IR and STTR organizations and larger resource entities for teaming opportunities. We can team you up with just the right members for your proposal, and introduce you to our broad and deep contacts at the funding agencies responsible for AUV research.

Mentoring Program:

AUVAC encourages internships between its member organizations and students interested in AUV technology. The AUVAC website provides the mechanism to allow private and federal organizations to identify, meet, and evaluate with prospective student interns or summer hires. The AUVAC seminars and other activities provide an excellent method to identify promising students, and AUVAC can help in getting them employed with member companies. AUVAC provides students the access to known experts in the field. At the same time, this provides a great deal of benefit to members with their recruiting efforts. AUVAC also supports the development promising students through scholarships and other educational opportunities. AUSI’s staff are recognized for their past collaborations with many international colleagues. This activity is being supported in AUVAC and agreements with a number of international organizations, people, and programs are providing unique benefits to US members. We can put you in touch with recruiting leads that will supercharge your search for AUV talent.

Career Advancement:

AUVAC online job board allows employers to post and job-seekers to search employment opportunities throughout the community. Members may post their resumes on the AUVAC website at no cost. Members who are consultants may list their services free of charge.