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Why is AUVAC the Best Marketing Resource for AUV-related Material?

The goal of AUVAC is to provide an experience that adds value to our users at every opportunity. We compile and share information from several sources and present it in a clear, organized fashion. Our AUV database is unlike any other in existence online. It includes detailed platform information, vehicle specs, and manufacturer information with full search functionality.

In addition to our extensive vehicle database we provide a wide range of AUV community news – including information about upcoming industry events – and maintain an active archive of informational pages for over 350 institutions, organizations, and manufacturers within the AUV community. AUVAC also houses a “Job Opportunities” section in which our users can readily access numerous industry-related job postings from around the world.

As a result of our commitment to providing value to our users at every turn, we have built, and continue to build, a loyal, focused user base that values AUVAC as the go-to resource for all of their AUV needs.

AUVAC offers several ways for you to increase visibility within the AUV community. Each of our packages has been designed with a specific purpose and specific user- base in mind, and all are tailored to help you gain the most visibility to those you want to reach.

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