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MOST (Autonomous Vessels)


MOST (Autonomous Vessels) Ltd,
Unit A5, The Boatyard,
Chichester Marina,
Chichester, West Sussex PO20 7EJ

Organization’s Description:

AutoNaut™ is this company’s brand name for its unmanned vessels. It all started in 2012 when David Maclean of MOST Ltd, and Michael Poole of Eco-nomic Ltd came together to develop and market the AutoNaut wave propulsion system as an autonomous vessel designed for scientific ocean research, commercial data gathering, and defence applications.
MOST (AV) Ltd. began trading on 1st January 2013 with the grant of a worldwide exclusive licence from Eco-nomic Ltd (who hold a patent for the system) and the grant of £400k from the National Oceanography Centre for Phase 2 of their call to develop a ‘Long Endurance Marine Unmanned Surface Vehicle’ (LEMUSV).
Their mission has since been to become the global leader in autonomous wave propelled vessels. They wanted to build a reputation for robust engineering and electronics, and dedication to customers. MOST (AV) aim to stay at the forefront of this technology through long term commitment to R&D.
This company says that their disruptive technology coincides with an increasing world market for autonomous capability. In particular a market for low cost (relative to manned ships), zero emission, unmanned surface vessels (USVs), that are able to stay at sea for months and perhaps years, with the potential to cover vast ocean areas – for data gathering missions, etc.
The Autonaut is too small to carry ROVs or other arrays, or weapons, but that could be rectified in the future if as must be the case the technology is at least scaleable to the extent of wave maximums. They intend building the company for the long-term and seek investors who like their concept.
As well as seeking major investors, MOST AV Ltd has taken substantial early investments from ‘friends and family’ to enable the company to accelerate its commercial potential.

The range of Autonaut products at this time is from 1m to 5m length vessels. There are military and other specialist options and a choice of ‘business model’ customer options. These include outright purchase with or without payloads, through serviced operation of customer owned platforms, to MOST carrying out data gathering on behalf of customers, using their Autonauts.

Phone: +44 0 1243 511 421