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Unmanned Vehicle University

Unmanned Vehicle University
1 E Washington St, Suite 500
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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Unmanned Vehicle University is the first University in the World dedicated to higher education in Unmanned Air, Ground and Sea Systems. The school offers technical training in Unmanned systems though 3 day short courses. Graduate degrees in Unmanned Systems Engineering are also offered with a totally online curriculum.

An unmanned system is not just a vehicle. It is composed of the vehicle, communications, data links and control stations. Degree programs at UVU take a systems engineering approach. Graduates will enter the unmanned career field in the areas of R&D, vehicle design, sensor development, vehicle communications and data links, sense and avoid systems, human machine interfaces, autonomous control, vehicle navigation, alternative power and operations.

Accreditation:  UVU is Licensed by the State of Arizona Board of Education and has full authority to Grant Doctorate and Masters Degrees in Unmanned Systems Engineering and Certificates in Unmanned Systems Project management. UVU is the only school in the world that offers these programs. We are accrditation with the Distance Education and Training Council.

Faculty: UVU has the best subject matter experts in the World. Our instructors have an average of 25 years of experience. Fields of expertise include: robotics, unmanned vehicle design, sensors, autonomy, human factors, flight test and communications. We also have former military unmanned vehicle instructors including instructor pilots from the Predator, Reaper and Global Hawk. After graduation, UVU will use established connections to aid in job placement with major UAS companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

Unmanned Vehicle University is the only university in the world licensed to grant degrees in unmanned (air, ground, sea and space) systems engineering. All courses are taught online by faculty members with engineering PhDs that have over 25 years of unmanned systems experience. UVU offers Masters and Doctorate degrees in unmanned systems and a professional certificate in unmanned systems project management. Technical training, systems engineering and project management courses are taught online during 12 week quarters. Graduates work as program/project managers, systems engineers and researchers. All students receive a UAV for engineering, research and flight training provided by Halberd Corporation (HALB.PK) in Las Vegas and internships are available at CT Johnson and Associates in San Diego

Unmanned Vehicle University Press, a division of Unmanned Vehicle University, publishes textbooks and courses on unmanned systems. The first textbook in the world on unmanned systems is  “Introduction to Unmanned Systems: Air, Ground, Sea and Space, Technologies and Commercial Applications”. Courses on DVD include UAV Fundamentals, Small UAV Design and Operations, Police UAV Applications. Operations and Regulation and How to Start a Small UAV Business. To promote publication in this new career field, UVU Press is offering free publication for the first 100 authors that wish to publish a book on unmanned systems. All books and DVD courses are available on

The International Journal of Unmanned Systems Engineering (IJUSEng) is the official journal of Unmanned Vehicle University and is the first journal exclusively dedicated to unmanned systems engineering. The journal promotes the advancement of the applied science, technology and operation of unmanned systems through the dissemination of original research representing significant advances in the design, development, testing and operation of unmanned systems. IJUSEng provides a platform for authors and researchers for communicating their latest findings, ideas and methods at the forefront of technology in the field of unmanned systems engineering. The Editorial Board will consider high quality original research articles, review articles, point-of-view articles, correspondence, technical notes and conference reports in the areas of aerial, ground, surface, underwater and space vehicle engineering. The scope is wide, covering research, design, development, operation, safety and reliability. For more information on the journal visit

Unmanned Undersea Vehicle and Unmanned Surface Vehicle System Fundamentals Technology Assessment and Civil Applications

This 3-day classroom instructional program is designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, vendors, offshore operators, analysts and program managers involved with unmanned underwater vehicles and unmanned surface vehicles. The participants will gain a working knowledge of UUV and UVS system classification and taxonomy, subsystems, pacing and disruptive technologies.

You will also learn about the current and projected civil and commercial business seascape and market space including the leading and emerging competition.



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