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Hugin 3000 configuration

Platform: Hugin 3000
Manufacturer: Kongsberg Maritime


HUGIN 3000

HUGIN 3000 is the offshore AUV workhorse with 1 m diameter and 3000 m depth rating. Major survey companies use HUGIN 3000 for detailed seabed mapping for offshore oil and gas companies.

HUGIN 3000 is powered by a novel semi fuel cell battery providing more than 60 hours endurance at four knots speed with multibeam echo sounder, sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and CTD running. The long endurance allows higher operational efficiency, as well as reduced number of recoveries and thus reduced operational risk.

Important features of HUGIN 3000 include unparalleled navigation accuracy, flexibility in payload sensors and a robust and reliable launch and recovery system for use up to sea state 5.

Physical Specs

  • Platform: Hugin 3000
  • Body Type: Torpedo
  • Size (LxWxH): 5.50m x 1.00m x 1.00m
  • Body Size (LxWxH): 5.50m x 1.00m x 1.00m
  • Hull Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 1,400.00kg
  • Maximum Depth: 3,000.00 m
  • Dynamic Buoyancy: No
  • Self-Righting: Yes
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Yes
  • Endurance (nominal load): 60 hours
  • Manufacturer Website: Link

Primary Missions

  • Cable Route Survey
  • Coastal Mapping
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Geophysical Survey
  • Marine Science Survey
  • Mineral field Survey
  • Oceanographic Survey
  • Oil and Gas Survey
  • Pipeline Route Survey
  • Seabed Mapping
  • Scientific Research
  • Search, Classify and Map

Propulsion System

  • Method: Thrusters
  • DOF: 3
  • Hovering:
  • Nominal Speed: 1.54
  • Maximum Forward Speed: 2.06

Power System

  • Total Capacity: 0 Wh

Launch and Recovery

  • Ramp