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Adaptive Methods


5860 Trinity Parkway
Suite 200
Centreville, VA 20120

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Adaptive Methods is a developer of advanced sensor processing and computing architecture products for surveillance, security, and military combat systems. Adaptive Methods technology transition programs deliver increased product value through improved sensor performance, operability, and user flexibility.

Net Pen
Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) execute a wide variety of commercial and defense related missions. Many of these missions are in regions or cover distances where encounters with fishing nets are likely. For those situations, a net avoidance or net penetration system is necessary to ensure successful mission completion and vehicle recovery. Net Penetration Equipment (NPE) provides the means for a UUV to cut through a net and continue on its mission. It is the preferred option when nets are difficult to detect prior to entanglement, or where rerouting means shorter overall range or less time on station.

Adaptive Methods has developed and tested patent-pending NPE designs for use with a wide variety of UUVs. Our internal-mount NPE is adaptable to a wide range of vehicle sizes. It is intended to mount within a UUV’s nosecone without  impacting  existing equipment (e.g., forward looking sonar arrays), and integrates with existing UUV power and propulsion systems to detect, deploy, penetrate, and retract, upon contact with a net.

Adaptive Methods is also developing externally mounted NPE to operate alone or in tandem with our internally (nosecone) mounted system. External hull-mounted NPE will ensure unencumbered net penetration for UUVs with larger protruding surfaces such as masts, snorkels, etc.

Adaptive Methods can backfit NPE into UUVs that are in use today, or those under development. We can design, prototype, integrate, test, and manufacture NPE to address virtually any production-UUV net-mitigation deficiency, or to meet any new or developing program requirement.

Phone: (703) 968-8040
Fax: (703) 968-8101