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Applied Signal Technology


460 West California Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
P. +1 408.749.1888
F. +1 408.522.2800

Organization’s Description:

Leading-Edge Sensors and Technologies for Diverse Applications
In the current counter-terrorism campaign, the United States Government is expanding the collection of signature information to aid in the detection and location of potential terrorist activities. AST is committed to delivering sophisticated sensors and digital signal processing (DSP) solutions to sense and characterize the environment for sound, light, heat, and other complex phenomena. This enables us to detect abnormalities of interest and increase situational awareness at our nation’s points of entry.
We provide real-time DSP hardware and software in low-size, weight, and power configurations to automatically process the results of sensors and provide early indications and warnings of potential threats. Our remote sensing capabilities include the use of sound and electromagnetic energy, such as in sonar and radar, to detect mines or submarines; detect chemicals that might expose improvised explosive devices; and detect magnetic materials that might indicate the presence of buried mines, submerged submarines, or underground weapons facilities. We cover the full spectrum of sensor systems and technologies including sonar, radar, magnetic, electromagnetic, infrared, electro-optical, hyperspectral, and visible light.
Our systems perform on land, at sea, and in the sky—this includes surface ships, submarines, towed and unmanned underwater vehicles, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, and land-based platforms. We have experience in space, airborne, terrestrial, and undersea environments.
High-Definition Sonar for Precision Undersea Imaging
– Mine countermeasures
– Port security
– Anti-submarine warfare (ASW)
– Oil and gas exploration
– Seabed survey
– Hydrography

Phone: 408 749 1888
Fax: 408 522 2800

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