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AA Portable Power Corp.


860 S 19th Street, Unit#A
Richmond CA 94804

Organization’s Description:

AA Portable Power Corp. is a joint venture with several Chinese manufacturers of battery and power components to empower you to purchase low cost and high quality Asian electronic products. We specialize in all kinds of rechargeable batteries and chargers. Many famous brand batteries and chargers in USA are supplied through us.

AA Portable power Corp. has a 15000 square feet warehouse and battery assembling production line in Northern California. We offer many shipping options from next day air to ground shipping. We also offer custom design batteries and store inventory for customers who have placed a schedule order.

AA Portable power Corp. has more than 10 engineers and technicians working at Northern California facility to provide you customer service and technical support. If you have any new design or new inquiry, our engineers will work with you and provide you the best choice for OEM and ODM.

AA Portable Power Corp. specializes in providing private label and package for either big or small customers. Starting from 10,000 per order, customer can own their own brand name.

Phone: 510 525 4710
Fax: 510 525 4728