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AUV System Spec Sheet

Aster configuration

Platform: Aster
Manufacturer: Institut français de recherche pour l’exploitation de la mer
Commercial Operator: Institut français de recherche pour l’exploitation de la mer


The AUV Asterx AUV is part of a fleet for the coastal underwater monitoring, of intermediate size it is easily mobilizable.

– Depth 3000 meters
– 4.5 meters length
– 793 kg in air including 200 kg of displacement in carring capacity
– Speed max 5 knots
– 100 km d’ maximum autonomy
– Flexibility for integration of payload for studies with multibeam sounder, ADCP, sounder of fishing, spectrometer
– Inertial Navigation, Doppler log, long baseline, short baseline, ultra short baseline, integrated navigation
– Radio and acoustic communications, bottoming capability and recovery transponder

Physical Specs

  • Platform: Aster
  • Body Type: Torpedo
  • Size (LxWxH): Information not available
  • Body Size (LxWxH): Information not available
  • Hull Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 973.00kg
  • Maximum Depth: 3,000.00 m
  • Dynamic Buoyancy: No
  • Self-Righting: Yes
  • Obstacle Avoidance: No
  • Endurance (nominal load): Information not available
  • Manufacturer Website: Link

Primary Missions

  • Coastal Mapping
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Freshwater Mapping
  • Marine Science Survey
  • Oceanographic Survey
  • Rapid Environmental Assesment

Propulsion System

  • Method: Thrusters
  • DOF: 3
  • Hovering:
  • Nominal Speed: 0.00
  • Maximum Forward Speed: 0.00

Power System

  • Total Capacity: 0 Wh

Launch and Recovery

  • Crane

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