An AUV Based Experimental System For The Underwater Technology Education

May 16, 2006 via – IEEE Oceans 2006

In this paper I introduce a series of AUV related basin experiment platforms we are developing as a set of underwater technology educational tool. Existing AUV platforms are very expensive for general students or schools to purchase as an educational tool so the popularity of AUV technology among the general people is not still so high in Japan. On the other hand, land based robotic contest is very popular in Japan and its educational effect seems good for the wide range of students. I think it is important for us to develop a set of handy and low cost tools oriented to the underwater technology education and AUV related platforms which can use easily in a small basin will be one of the best choices. In this paper I will introduce our concept of the AUV based experimental systems as an underwater technology educational tool.

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Author:Watanabe, Keisuke
Publisher:IEEE Oceans 2006
Citation:Watanabe, Keisuke, An AUV Based Experimental System For The Underwater Technology Education, IEEE Oceans Singapore, 2006
Date Published:May 16, 2006
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