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Unmanned Systems Canada

Unmanned Systems Canada
PO Box 81055
Ottawa Ontario K1P 1B1

Organization's Description:

Unmanned Systems Canada - the focal point for Unmanned Vehicle Systems in Canada. We are a Canadian-registered not-for-profit association representing the interests of the UVS community. Our objectives are:

To represent the interests of the unmanned vehicle systems community which includes industry, academia, government, military, and other interested persons

To promote public awareness, education and appreciation for the Canadian unmanned vehicle systems community to itself, to Canadians and worldwide.

To provide a single voice for the Canadian unmanned systems community

To promote and facilitate the growth of the Canadian unmanned vehicle systems community through education, advocacy, and exchange of ideas and technologies

To assist the Canadian unmanned vehicle systems community to achieve leadership in research, development, application, and operations.

Unmanned Systems Canada - Introduction
The technology that enables successful unmanned vehicle systems has matured dramatically. Canadians continue to lead the sector with notable successes. MD Robotics and the Canadarm 2 on the International Space Station and CDL Systems and their Vehicle Control System at the heart of the US Army Shadow 200 UAV system are marvelous testaments to the tremendous talents of Canadians to innovate and deliver world-leading solutions. Unmanned Systems Canada was formed to create the opportunity for Canadians to easily reach other Canadians working in all aspects of the unmanned vehicle systems field. Unmanned Systems Canada, through its annual conferences and various student competitions, is helping to create opportunities for even greater success in Canadian UVS ventures.

Phone: 888 973 7919
Fax: +1-613-317-1740