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Sparton Navigation and Exploration


Sparton Navigation and Exploration
5612 Johnson Lake Road
P.O. Box 788
DeLeon Springs, Florida 32130

Organization's Description:

Based in De Leon Springs, Florida, Sparton Navigation and Exploration is a division of Sparton, Inc., a $174M electronics and electromechanical manufacturing firm. We have more than a century of experience in designing and building products for the government and industry worldwide, including systems, subsystems, and components, such as our orientation sensors and advanced acoustic hydrophone.

In fact, for the last 70 years, we’ve been the only company to integrate both navigation and acoustic sensor technology. And it’s resulted in the production of over six million of the most advanced sonobuoys for the world’s navies.

Today, we continue to add capabilities and technology that allow us to offer more solutions than ever to our customers’ challenges. Our knowledgeable and highly experienced engineering team is available to help those customers integrate our sensor solutions into their applications. It’s growth and innovation like this that helps Sparton remain a global leader in the industry.

Phone: 386 985 4631