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Canadian Centre for Ocean Gliders

Commercial operator

Geological Survey of Canada
9860 West Saanich Road
Sidney, British Columbia
V8L 4B2

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Geologic Survey of Canada

GSC Pacific (Sidney)
Ocean Gliders in Canada
Dr. Paul Lacroix
Managing Director
The Canadian Centre for Ocean Gliders (CCOG)

The Canadian Centre for Ocean Gliders (CCOG) is a national non profit organization which has acquired its initial fleet of four gliders. Ocean glider technology strengths, limitations, and example applications will be described. The CCOG gliders will be available to Canadian project teams at minimal costs. Project teams are encouraged to include a Canadian Ocean Technology company as a member. CCOG may also assist securing some funding for projects. CCOG is inviting organizations and partnerships to bring forward project concepts.

Phone: 1 250 363 6500
Fax: 1 250 363 6565

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