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Subsea 7


Subsea 7 Building
Prospect Road
Arnhall Business Park
Westhill AB32 6FE
United Kingdom

Organization's Description:

Subsea 7, one of the world’s leading subsea engineering and construction companies servicing the oil and gas industry, in collaboration with SeeByte, a leading provider of smart software solutions for unmanned underwater vehicles, has developed an AIV, which has the unique potential to revolutionise Life-of-Field projects.

Subsea 7’s vision is to use our experience and expertise, combined with SeeByte’s advanced software capabilities, to bring to the market a hover-capable autonomous and intelligent inspection vehicle. This Autonomous Inspection Vehicle (AIV) is designed to be launched from a host platform, from vessels of convenience or other ROVSVs within the field, in single or multiple vehicle modes.

Phone: +44 (0)7872 677