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September 11, 2016 - via China Post

Due to an international call for green energy development and a push from the Taiwan government, offshore wind energy business are a hot commodity in the Taiwan market. The first local vendor, DWTek Taiwan, launched a self-designed unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). The UUV is a total module solution service. Monew, the first module-based UUV model, can offer a customized combination to fulfill customer requirements across all industries pertaining to underwater business and national defense.

The niche product relies on its technical advancement for the successful development of compatible and scalable interface of different systems, such as sensor devices and sonar functionality. Douglas Chang, the GM of DWTek, says, "The UUV market is a growing business. DWTek takes advantage of our own research and development team to enter a gap in the offshore wind energy market of Taiwan. We are confident Monew is a leading model that will usher Taiwan into the competitive international market."

DWTek was a screw sales and high-precision mechanical parts export SMB in Central Taiwan. Leveraging its 40 years of experience in providing professional services to clients across all industries to pursue a goal in a national white paper for energy, DWTek started the UUV team in 2008.

After six years in incubation, the first UUV model came into the market in 2014 and earned its first golden ticket to the international market after its real-time presentation by the riverside of River Thymes in 2016. The debut at River Thymes defined DWTek as the representative UUV brand in Taiwan and also the foundation of Taiwan's maritime technology development.


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Author:Dimitri Bruyas

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