Teledyne Gavia to Showcase New Products at Ocean Business

April 7, 2015 - via Teledyne Gavia

Teledyne Gavia will introduce its new Multibeam Profiler module at Ocean Business next week in Southampton.
The Multibeam Profiler module, built for the Gavia AUV by Teledyne BlueView, is derived from BlueView’s 2250 kHz MB-Series sonar. When used with off-the-shelf software applications, the BlueView system provides turnkey solutions for many commercial, military and scientific AUV applications, including 3D bottom mapping, high-resolution target rendering, and side scan gap-fill.
Teledyne BlueView is a manufacturer of integrated Multibeam Profiling sonar systems for high resolution data collection. The Multibeam Profiler module is an addition to the suite of sensor options for Gavia’s low logistics, high performance Offshore Surveyor AUV. Teledyne BlueView’s lightweight, low power, sonar system is a technology advantage for AUV manufacturers and operators.

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Author:Eric Haun

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